How to Vote for ISTT

Where IASP World Conference goes in 2018 will depend on the full members vote conducted at IASP upcoming General Assembly in Moscow on 22nd September 2016 (

Voting rules and procedures:

In IASP upcoming General Assembly a poll will be organized according to the following procedures:

  1. As per IASP constitution only Full members are allowed to vote. Full members not attending the General Assembly may appoint any other full member to be their proxy.
  2. Full members attending the General Assembly will have to identify themselves before entering the room and will receive a voting paper. A desk will be ready for this registration process. The desk will also check any proxies, verify that they meet all the legal requisites and a voting paper will be given for each proxy presented.
  3. The poll will be secret. Full members will deposit their written vote in the ballot box. Full members holding proxies from other members will deposit one voting paper for each proxy they hold, as well as their own voting paper.
  4. The counting of the votes will be made on the spot and in public by the Director General in his capacity as Secretary of the General Assembly. The Director General will be assisted by the members of the Executive Board chairing the session, and, if need be, by any IASP staff appointed for such functions.

It is time to discover Isfahan, the crossroad of innovation.

Vote for ISTT (Isfahan, Iran), Make it happen!